oz.LeapMotion 2.012a

Leap Motion 2.0 alpha

oz.LeapMotion is a plug-in bundle for the graphic development environment Quartz Composer.

It is currently in alpha version. Basically it looks like everything’s working well, but I didn’t « crash tested » every patch (52 patches).

This alpha version is provided with only very basic examples and without any description for the patches.

It is released as DonationWare (I know it’s hard, but sometimes only few $€£ are a good boost. If you can’t / don’t want, that’s OK. This plugin is free ! :) )

Thanks to Marcos Prack for the first donation.

Version 2.012a

  • Memory leak corrected in 3D transformation method.

Version 2.011a

  • Allows background use (the plugin get the data from the device even if the composition doesn’t have the focus) by default.

Version 2.01 ALPHA

  • Images patch was outputing only left camera, it’s now outputting left and right.
  • Images patch now outputs a black image when the device is not connected or if there is a problem (useful during performances).
  • A new iterators example.


Version 2.0 ALPHA

  • Based on Leap Motion SDK 2.2.2.
  • 32 / 64 bits, 10.8+
  • To be installed in Quartz Composer Plug-Ins folder.
  • Contains 52 patches (device, images from device, hand(s), finger(s), phalanx(es), tool(s) and a lot of geometry / matrices functions.
  • Full Leap Motion gestures upport + helpers for simple gestures (pinch / grab) and custom gestures (Tweeex only, for the moment)
  • Geometry functions can be used without the Leap device.
  • Is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution 4.0 (Commercial).
  • NB:
    • Images are output 640×480 instead of 640×120 for convenience.
    • Moving patches while running the comp makes the whole stuff lag… Thank you QC Editor ?
  • Todo list:
    • Huge ! But…
    • Re-implement UI functions implemented in pre-alpha version
    • Re-implement depth map implemented in pre-alpha version (may be part of OpenCV plugin)
  • Huge thanks to vade for the help on the v002FBO class that allows working with images in VDMX.




I would be very grateful for any feedback.

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