snd_xpriment is a series of experiments to generate sound from video.

Mapping values to others is the basis of the principle of analogy. Quantum theory proves that light is both a particle and a wave, depending on the observer position / choice. If light is a wave, then it can be trnasformed in sound… This series, that will help working on a future performance called Emergence, is aimed to find a light to sound mapping that can make sense with the environment.

_snd_xpriment #03 is based on the luminosity, while the video at the bottom of the page (_snd_xpriment #01) is based on the image histogram. Both are recorded live in Quartz Composer, with my OpenCV and AudioGraph plugins.

The last one (_snd_xpriment #02) is poor quality like the previous one, but show how motion captured via Farneback Optical Flow can be mapped to sound (see at 1’00), and the area of its convex hull to pitch (red polygons).


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