oz.Strings is a plug-in bundle for the graphic development environment Quartz Composer.

It provides patches that allow making image with aligned paragraphs, images structure with string, image with keyboard input, line structure with strings and triangulate these output line structures to get a triangle structure that can be rendered by OpenGL, ie. through Kineme GL Tools patches.

It has been released for the first time in March 2014 under the name h[Oz] Strings. Please uninstall this first release before installing this one, because I changed the name of all my plug-ins to be more simple at display with oz prefix.

Version 0.33

  • 32 / 64 bits, 10.7+
  • To be installed in Quartz Composer Plug-Ins folder.
  • Use poly2tri for triangulation through custom library OZGeom (also used in oz.Geometry and oz.Box2D plug-ins, please make sure these plug-ins are updated too if you use them)
  • Is made to output values to be rendered through standard image display patches or with Kineme GL Tools (or other GL based rendering plug-ins).
  • Contains 5 patches:
    • Image With Paragraph: outputs an image with the multiline string input. Allows to play live with fonts, kerning, line spacing (with a less-than-zero tweak), alignment and a padding value that let the user set margins in the image.
    • Images With String: outputs a structure of images, one for each character of the input string.
    • Image With Keyboard Input (processor): same as the Image With Paragraph patch, but wit live keyboard input.
    • Paragraph To Line Structure: same as the Image With Paragraph patch, but output a 3D structure (each line -> each character -> each curve in the character).
    • Triangles With Character Structure: helper patch that takes the output of Paragraph To Line Structure patch and outputs a triangle structure that can be rendered by Kineme GL Triangle Structure patch.
  • Includes examples via the patches descriptions
  • Is released as DonationWare
  • Is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution 4.0 (Commercial).
  • Known issues:
    • No known serious issues…
    • The OZGeom library tries hard to prepare the glyphs paths to the poly2tri triangulation, but it may crash in some (rare cases).
  • Todo list:
    • Make a patch that outputs a structure of CGPath instructions to be plugged in Kineme2D patches.
    • Waiting for inspiration…



I would be very grateful for any feedback.

Licence Creative Commons

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